School environment - render showcasing products now on the market

Dual student crank desk [SKU: 2-STUDENT-C]
Single student crank desk [SKU: STUDENT-C]
Ergonomic standing desk chair [SUD-TILTSTOOL-1]
Acoustic free-standing divider [SUDRF-2466FP1SB]
Mobile bin storage [MBS-DR-8S4L]
High-speed crank desk [SUDC60FT-BK/BK]
Cord management tray [SUD-MOD-60-BK]
Charging locker [LLTP32-B]
Mobile podium [LX-ADJ-DW]
AV cart with keyboard tray [AVJ42KBC]
Mobile TV stand [FP2500]
Nesting table [STAND-NEST-C]
Collaboration easel [COLLAB-STATION]
Wall-mounted whiteboard [WB9640W]